Getting ready to go!

This whole process of getting ready to depart for London, while exciting, has been extremely stressful for me. I always overpack, so narrowing down what I am taking and what I need to buy has been especially frustrating. But I have gotten most of my stuff together, and am fairly confident that I’ll be able make it with only an average amount of hassle. That I am flying direct out of Miami, rather than through a stopover in another U.S. city, will also make it easier.

Also, I have my mascot picked out and ready to go. Everyone, eat, I mean meet Toad.:

Yaaahhhooo! I'm Toad!

Toad, as many of you may know, is well familiar with royalty and castles – he’s the often hapless servant of Princess Peach Toadstool, the frequently kidnapped heiress to the Mushroom Kingdom throne in the Mario Bros. games from Nintendo. This particular version was a promo from the late 90s release of Mario Kart 64, which I still have in my apartment in Tallahassee and play from time to time.

He’s looking forward to adventuring with me and also to not getting eaten, so watch out London!

Oh, and one more note: the current header image is an edit of a photograph from, which I am using on a temporary basis until I get to London and can take one myself, used under a free-with-attribution license.


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