Leaving London

Today was our last day in London, as such, this will most likely be my second-to-last post on this blog. It’s been tiring but also wonderful, but I am ready to return home. As this is my last semester, after this week I will have a Master of Science degree in Library and Information studies – meaning this is more than just a goodbye to London, it’s a goodbye to graduate school altogether. For  a while anyway.

So our actual in-class day was a trip to Buckingham Palace, followed by lunch at the nearby original Hard Rock Cafe. It was a neat capstone to everything. No pictures were allowed inside the Palace, but it was definitely interesting to contrast Buckingham – an actual, contemporary working palace home to the actual reigning Queen – to the older palaces such as the one we saw yesterday. These highlight both how much has changed in British society and the ways it still is deeply connected to its long past, which I think can be said to be the overall theme of the entire class beyond the curricular media-production element.

Buckingham Palace gates

Sign at the Hard Rock: "No drugs or nuclear weapons allowed inside."

I later concluded tonight with a visit to what had become my favorite neighborhood pub, a Samuel Smith Brewery-owned pub called the Crown, with Vanessa and Beth L. – it’s been a great class and a great journey, and this was a perfect ending.


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