Travel & First Day

I left MIA airport (on it turns out, the same flight as roommate Jackie Saavedra, though I didn’t see her.) at 6:30 Wednesday evening for the long flight to London. I was sitting in the back of the middle section, which meant my seat didn’t go back. On the upside, I had the whole 3 between-the-aisles seats to myself, as there was enough room that the people originally sitting there moved up to be closer to family.

So naturally, I gave the seat next to me to Toad and to his unexpected companion Smartest Owl.

Toad and Smartest Owl on Delta Flight 260Joey & Toad on the planeFlying over the Atlantic!

Flying over the Atlantic!
Flying out of Miami = info is sometimes in Spanish

Flying out of Miami means that some of the info was in Spanish.

Want To Complain? OF COURSE YOU DO.

The Border Agency is at least aware of how obnoxious people find them.

Paddington Station & Heathrow ExpressPaddington Station 2Paddington Station & Heathrow Express 3

I took the train from Heathrow to London Paddington station, part of which was outdoors and part of which had these neat 19th century steel-and-glass arcs.

I also took a video from the window of the train:

The last leg of our journey involved a cab to the FSU London Study Centre on Great Russell Street, where I got the keys to my new flat.

Cab from Station to Centre

Arrival at Study Centre


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  1. Anna says:

    Oh my gosh Joey I’m so excited for you!!!

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