So, while everyone else save Kalyca, Anne, and Theresa were still in Paris, I decided to take a relaxation weekend and chill out. Saturday was pretty quite aside from being an exercise in standing in queues, since earlier in the day I attempted somewhat foolhardily to get into the Alan Moore book signing for The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century 1969 without showing up hours before it was scheduled to happen. Predictably, I did not get in, although I got a tiny glimpse of his beardedness. I also got a panorama show of the queue, which already stretched around the block 30 minutes before the signing started and wasn’t all that much shorter 2 and a half hours later:

Queue for Alan Moore

Eventually I got really hungry, so I gave up and went to a nearby Pret a Manger, which is pretty much the greatest fast food sandwich place ever invented; they are everywhere in London.

Later on in the day, I had dinner with Kalyca at an Indian restaurant, which was delish (though she was slightly dissatisfied with her dish), and then around 10, I headed out to follow up on the clubbing tip I’d gotten from my awesome friend Teresa Nesbitt, who was an FSU Study Centre intern last year. First, I went to Old Compton Street in Soho; where I got in another queue, this one for G-A-Y Bar  (which is exactly what it says on the tin) and for armbands to get into my real destination for only £2. I had one drink there, then headed down to Charing Cross Station and the Arches, for Heaven, the premiere gay-oriented disco in the UK. It turns out they were having special Nintendo Wii night, so I played Mario Kart in the balcony bar area and won a free shot playing Just Dance 2 (to Hey Ya!) on stage, karaoke-style, in one of the side rooms. I also met some really cool people and had an awesome time (one of the highlights – and I never thought I’d say this – being dancing their DJ’s version of Britney Spears and Ke$ha’s “Til The World Ends”) .


Sunday was another slow day – I just tried to work on homework, the got dinner at a pub with Kalyca and Theresa, where an older Australian man on holiday came up to take with us because he could tell we were American. He was nice and funny and bought drinks for Kalyca and me. Then we stopped at the M&Ms store in Leicester Sqaure, on the way to Chinatown Market to visit the same tattoo parlor, Extreme Needle, where Eliza had gotten her London skyline tattoo so that Kalyca could get a Tudor rose tattoo on the abck of her neck. It took a couple of hours due to all the color used, but it came out beautifully.

M&M's World

Kalyca's tattoo


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