Birds and Bees (but not like that)

Today we returned to one of the places I had visited in London most memorably when I visited with my family 7 years ago, namely Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens, home to the Princess Diana memorials (as well as her onetime home, Kensington Palace, currently under renovation to be more touristy and theatrical). It was mostly just a leisurely stroll around the area, with a few planned stops, several of them Lady Di-related, including the Memorial Playground and brook-like Memorial Fountain, plus the lakes, and some not, like the Peter Pan statue and the Prince Albert memorial near Royal Albert Hall.

In the Diana FoundtainAubreyCrystal


Lazying around by the Albert

Our assignment was to take pictures of water, but I was more interested in the animals around them – particularly the water birds (mainly geese – they were EVERYWHERE – but also swans, ducks, herons, and coots), and the bees in the Gardens (one actually landed on my face, which was rather scary for a moment):

Bee & Flower 1Grey Heron & Seagull

Nesting cootsBee & Flower 2

Swan swan hurrah

The only time it wasn’t so leisurely was  towards the end – Dr. Everhart had booked us for afternoon tea at the Kensington Palace Orangery (a greenhouse-turned-cafe) and we were running late, so we had to make a major hike, but it was nice and relaxing when we got there, too.


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  1. Joseph's Dad says:

    Great photos!

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