I fell right into the arms of Venus de Milo

So Friday was our big day trip to Paris, and it was the most exhausting thing we’ve done since arriving short of the flight over itself. We left the flats around 4:30 am London time to catch a Eurostar trair, but the whole way I was pretty much unable to sleep. When we got there, we got on the Metro, which connects directly through an underground shopping area to the Lovure – which we then only had two hours to tour. Our assignment was to mostly photograph statues, so I first headed in the direction of the sculpture galleries that I hadn’t remembered visiting back in 2004: mainly the Renaissance and Neoclassical galleries, with a later tour into the more famous and familiar Greek and Roman areas, where I got a few pictures of the very famous (and very armless) Venus de Milo, some really wonderful Michaelangelos and Canovas, and the heads of some of the Roman emperors.

I also went back briefly to the gallery that I’d remembered as my favorite from the previous visit, the Dutch paintings, but by then my time was limited and we had to go.

After that, we got lunch and I had a super delicious baguette was a variety of cheeses, and we got on a LONG bus tour, most of which I spent going “hey, I remember that!”, since it mostly was taking us to places we’d visited before.  We of course also had a stopover at the Eiffel Tower as well.

The definite highlight of the day, though, was taking a boat tour down the Seine through the center of Paris, which was totally gorgeous and provided some lovely views in addition to being relaxing. The peach sparkling wine provided by Dr. Everhart also helped me relax.

Eventually, we went to get dinner at a French restaurant, and while there was a mix-up with the menu (since Kalyca and I are vegetarians), we sorted it out, and also enjoyed some Kronenbourg beer, champangne, and white wine with dinner. Plus the entertainment was pretty great!

Then myself, Kalyca, Theresa, and Anne headed back with Dr. and Mr. (?) Everhart to catch our return train, and everyone else went their separate ways. By the time we got home, since I was barely able to sleep on the train either way, we’d been up and running around on in transit for about 20 hours straight, and I was totally exhausted and glad to be returning to a quiet and empty flat.


Oh, and I figured out how to embed a slideshow from Photobucket into WordPress, so now I can share all 160+ photos from my trip with you! (Yes, I took that many, not even counting the 60 or so that didn’t come out. Can you really blame me?!)


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  1. josephfm says:

    Also, since it’s copyrighted, I didn’t want it in the main post, but the title is a reference to this song:

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