Returning for New Angles (and Old Anglo-Saxons)

Today was in part an exercise in venturing back to places we’ve been before for a fresh look. To start with, we headed back to the City to visit the Museum of London, which is located on a site of special historical significance – namely the ruins of the old Londonium wall, built by the Roman Empire between 190 and 220. Yes, by the Romans – about 200 years after Jesus and around 800 before there was much of an England to speak of at all. This is what makes this museum so interesting – the entire focus is a socio-archeological restructuring of the waves of invasion, settlement, and disaster that formed London over the course of 1800 years.

London Wall 1London Wall 2

We then made an actual return – we went back to St. Paul’s Cathedral for a proper tour, and I got to see the incredibly gorgeous interior for the first time;  last time I was in London was midway through a series of badly-needed renovations and repairs on the church. Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to photograph this, but I did get a couple cool exterior shots:

dome tiplion fountain in the churchyardSt. Pauls from Milleunium Bridge

Sky ANgles

In both cases, though I have to admit my mind was at least partly elsewhere, for a number of reasons, namely:

  • I mistakenly brought my laptop to our short class at the Study Centre – meaning that I had to carry it around all day on my back, and thus was totally unable to climb to the top of the St. Paul’s dome.
  • We were finally given a photo assignment that allowed me to break out into my usual artistic style of photography, and go a bit crazy with it: see below.
  • Lastly but nowhere near leastly, my cousin Nic Accettura surprisingly showed up in London last night, and we’d made plans for the evening. I left my camera behind for this, but he should have pictures up from his iPhone next week.
lazertablebronzeblurShadows walkingAncient Britons


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