Not actually the biggest henge in the world

Well it seems that for all his comic genius, Eddie Izzard has his facts wrong. For today, we visited Stonehenge – which is, it turns out, not THE BIGGEST HENGE IN THE WORLD. That’s actually nearby Avebury Henge, which does not have as cool a name. It also turns out that both henges predate the Druids by over a millenium.   It is in fact one of  most complex of the Neolithic British henges, however, with an elaborate design that even today allows it to fucntion as a sort of calendar. And yes,  “henge” basically means ‘giant prehistoric circle of rocks’.



Of course, for all its reputation, I wasn’t about to get any real sort of vibe off of it other than “wow, that’s so old it redefines old” – first built close to 5000  years ago, at the dawn-of-civilization. That alone was really impressive, but unfortunately any sort of vibe was ruined by the fact that the site was really crowded with people.

Toad watching the Stonehenge tourists

After that, we visited Salisbury, a small town notable mainly for its huge Gothic cathedral, and for what is in it. The Chapter House of the cathedral holds the original Magna Carta: the treaty that King John I was forced to sign, acknowledging that his power was limited and that royal subjects had legal rights, laying the foundation for constitutionalism. This was another thing I couldn’t photograph, but I did get a postcard.


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