Weekend Part 2: Saturday Wanderings.

Despite the slowing pace of the last, I have still had my share of excitement! For one, I’m currently working on a video, which should be up later tonight or thereabouts, and which consists of me biking around the Bloomsbury neighborhood where I’m staying on a Barclay’s Cycle Hire bike. Without a helmet, on the opposite side of the street from in the States, in a foreign city, with a camera duct-taped to the front of the bike. Needless to say I was pretty terrified. Here’s where I picked up my bike, outside The Brunswick mall:

Cycle Hire Station

Barclay's Cycle Hire "Boris Bikes"

ALSO exciting was getting to see David Tennant and Catherine Tate, of Doctor Who Series 4 fame, signing autographs for my classmates Angela and Beth! Unfortunately I have not gotten the opportunity to see them in their production of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing, but it was really fun anyway. Look for me squeeing in Beth’s upcoming video “Much Ado About David Tennant”. Angela snapped a picture of the behind the theater, I’ll add it to this post later if she gives permission (since it’s under her copyright).

I’ve also gotten lost around Soho and the West End several times, because I keep forgetting to bring a map and end up having to rely on TfL neighborhood guides, which are placed fairly inconsistently at bus stops and cycle-hire docks. Last night I lost touch with the group, and being late for dinner, could not find them at all (though I ended up at the same pub that my flatmates eventually went to – an hour early). So I wandered around for like 3 hours – without a camera, sadly, as it was pretty neat, but also a bit scary and lonely. Eventually hunger got to me and I ended up at a pub on Tottenham Court owned by the London brewer Fuller’s, where I enjoyed two of my new favorite English beers: Bengal Lancer India Pale Ale and an amber session ale called Chiswick  Bitter (the w is silent), and listened to Morrissey’s “Suedehead”, which was a good and appropriately melancholy end to the night.


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