Weekend Part 1: British Musuem

It’s been nice the last few days to be able to walk around and work on things at my own pace over the last couple of days, and to be able to slow down from the incredibly hectic pace of the first week here, which was beginning to drive me crazy. I’ve caught up on sleep, gotten to know the neighborhood, and checked out the awesome nearby British Museum, thought I only got around to maybe 1/3 of it.  I DO want to go back and see some more of it though – and I can, since it’s RIGHT HERE. But they have some pretty amazing ancient artifacts. Of course, as I’m Jewish, I did spend a good chunk of my browsing thinking “Oh, they conquered us, this guy enslaved us…” That’s basically ancient history for you. Since I mostly stuck, as recommended, to the Rick Steves MP3 tour, a lot of these are from the Egypt, Assyria, and Greece collections, with a bit of Rome thrown in and a few other cultures like Easter Island.

Group Photo

Famous Hoa Hakananai'a statue from Easter Island

Hoa Hakananai'a

Cat mummies from Ancient Egypt

Cat mummies from Ancient Egypt, worshiped as incarnations of Bast

Statue of Ramses

Ramses II gets no sympathy here.

Roman goat!

Roman goat mosaic!

Great Court dome

A shot of the sky through the Great Court dome

Owl hierglyph

Owl hierglyph from a tomb

Centaur fighting man

A Battle of Reason and Instinct, originally from the Parthenon

Lion Vomit!

Dying lion vomiting blood, from an Assyrian palace wall carving


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