Harry Potter Podcast

This is my podcast regarding the Harry Potter movies, with discussion of the movies themselves and also of certain filming locations we’ve seen or gone past.

Listen here:

or download here for your home MP3 player.

Note: I use a brief bit of copyrighted music at the beginning, owned by John Williams and Atlantic Records. However, the clip is only 17 seconds in length of a work that is over 5 minutes long. Wikipedia uses a similar (though longer) clip, their fair use justification can be found here. I claim fair use for this clip based on these facts:

  • this podcast serves a nonprofit educational purpose
  • the podcast is a work of criticism of the work from which the music was taken
  • Not only is so small a piece of the work used, but at a much lower quality
  • If it has any affect on the market for the original work, it is promotional
  • It illustrates the topic in a way that a non-copyrighted work could not

All other music is by djozr, excerpted from the track “messiah” from the album “Selected Works 2009 (i)”, and was used with permission from the artist, who is a personal friend of mine. Sources consulted in created this podcast include: Rocketboom.com. (2011, July 14). Harry Potter . Retrieved from http://www.rocketboom.com/harry-potter/. Openshaw, Greg. (n.d.). Harry potter film sights. Rick Steves’ Europe. Retrieved from http://www.ricksteves.com/plan/destinations/britain/hpotter.htm


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2 Responses to Harry Potter Podcast

  1. josephfm says:

    Apologies for the soundcloud issue. Hopefully it will transcode by the end of the day. For now, please use the direct download link.

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