Busy Rainy Saturday

I am getting this post up very very late because I have been so busy today!
This morning we had plans to go on a walking tour of our Bloomsbury neighborhood. However it was pouring rain, on top of which our tour guide never showed up! So instead, a group of us decided to go to a place that was NOT on our schedule: the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Me at the V & A

Unfortunately, as soon as we got on the Underground we ran into MORE trouble: There was a signal failure on the Piccadilly line, which was therfore totally backed up. So we had to go take a very roundabout route to get back on the train and then to the V&A. We got there soaking wet, however, we did get our first view of the riverfront – AND passed by the London School of Economics in the meantime.

Toad riding the Underground!

Getting on the Tube

The service is delayed at present

Wet folks on the district line

Riverfront at Westminster by Temple Station

The museum itself was pretty neat: the collections have some traditional art, but the majority of the displays are of crafts – garden sculpture, stained glass, jewelry, furniture, textiles, and clothing.

Renaissance sculptures at the V&A

Some of the V&A's original mosaics

a nobleman's son

The V&A courtyard

Stained glass!

The V&A also houses the British National Art Library! I didn’t get to go inside this time (I would have had to have left my bag at coat check and was running out of time) but I fully intend to return without a backpack just for this:

the National Art Library

After the museum, I went grocery shopping at Sainsbury’s and also picked up a phone at Carphone Warehouse, then went to see Billy Elliot with the class – but that’s a whole other post! The musical was excellent though. Afterwards Kalyca & I got separated and were left behind when everyone went on the bus, but instead we got to walk home through Oxford Circus & SoHo, which was neat – more places I recognize from 6 years ago!

See more pictures from today:


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3 Responses to Busy Rainy Saturday

  1. Anna says:

    Tip: don’t buy Sainsbury’s brand alcohol…it’s awful.

  2. wynn boyd says:

    i agree with you on that sainsbury.

  3. josephfm says:

    Haha, I didn’t, but I would expect as much.

    I did get some cider from Waitrose though. Haven’t had it yet.

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