Day 2 – class, food, friends

Today was my second day and first full day in London and while it was fairly uneventful, I think I am finally getting the hang of this neighborhood.

This was our first day of classes, which was a bit difficult as it was also the day jet lag caught up with me. I was really embarrassed at how hard I had to struggle to stay awake! But I managed to do well enough as we discussed all the various things we will we doing and media we will be crating over the course of the course.

We also had some pretty delicious food, and I enjoyed getting to know everyone, and (after a short nap) we went to our first legitimate British pub. I also walked around without getting lost, which after what happened yesterday when I walked WAY past our flat, was at least an improvement.

delicious curry lunch at Wagamama!

Joseph at Wagamama's for lunch

Vanessa and Eliza at Wagamama

We all had a delicious and fun lunch at a noodle bar/pan-Asian place called Wagamama.

I also started making friends with my classmates/flatmates besides the ones I already knew:

On the stoop of Flat 16

On the stoop of Flat 16

Leaving the flat for the pub!

Leaving for dinner

Our flat in the basement

Our flat is in the basement…

Angela sneaking a picture of me

Angela snuck some pictures of us before leaving for the pub but I caught her!

The highlight of tonight was definitely dinner and drinks at the Marlborough Arms Pub. I had “Fish” and chips with halloumi cheese instead of fish, and drinks included Young’s London Gold bitter, Guinness, and Fuller’s London Pride.

Marlborough Arms pub signExterior of the pubToad with a pint of Young'sDinner at the pubThe English ale tapsThe block outside the pub





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One Response to Day 2 – class, food, friends

  1. Anna says:

    Wagamama! Yummy!

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